Maa Amba Durga

Durga Stuti : दुर्गा मा स्तुति


Durga Stuti is chanted by the devotees at the time of praying to the Goddess to invoke her blessings. It is a way to please the Goddess and invite her help and blessing in times of distress.  The meaning of Durga Stuti is elaborated in the following paragraphs.

In Durga Stuti, Goddess is described as the power behind Shiva, who grants wishes to her devotees and is also the creator, preserver as well as the destroyer of all. Devotees believe that submitting themselves to the Goddess is a form of meditation that makes the mind ‘holy’ just as the body becomes holy by bathing in the Holy River Ganges.

Durga Stuti : दुर्गा मा स्तुति

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