Pitra Pitar Pittar

Shri Pitar Chalisa : श्री पितर चालीसा

Pitra Pitar shraddh
“Pitra” / “Pitru”  is referred to our ancestors or family members who have dead. As per our scriptures Pitru are similar to God “Markanday Puraan”, but if we make Pitru happy then it is not hard to make God happy. Pitru are as great as and equivalent to God. Pitru are very strong and trust in give and take rule. If the Pitru are happy then there must be problem free life but if they are not happy then life is full of difficulties, issues and problems. This is applicable only in the case if Pitru in a family exists. It is not necessary that every family have Pitru. Pitru is a milestone and God is the ultimate destination.

Shri Pitar Chalisa : श्री पितर चालीसा

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