Durga maa

Durga Apad Uddharaka Stotram : दुर्गा आपदुद्धाराष्टकम्

Durga Devi

This strotra is dedicated at the lotus feet of Goddess Durga. The word “Durga” in Sanskrit means a fort, or a place which is difficult to overrun. Another meaning of “Durga” is “Durgatinashini,” which literally translates into “the one who eliminates sufferings.” Shri Durgapaduddhar Stotram is in Sanskrit. It is from Siddheshwari tantra and creation of UmaMaheshwar Samvada. Maheshwar (God Shankar) is telling this stotra to Uma (Goddess Parvati). However it is told for the benefit of all the people suffering from many difficulties, troubles, fear from enemies and adversaries in the life. The devotee whoso ever recites this stotra in the evening 3 times a day or one time in a day or even one stanza of this stotra with devotion, concentration and faith will become free from all troubles, difficulties and receive peace, happiness and everything desired is assured by God Maheshwar.

Durga Apad Uddharaka Stotram : दुर्गा आपदुद्धाराष्टकम्

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