Navagraha Chalisa

Navghraha Chalisa : श्री नवग्रह चालीसा

Navagrahas Chalisa

The Navagraha Chalisa is a powerful prayer which eliminates the adverse effects of all the nine graha (planets) Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The recitation of this prayer is beneficial in bringing harmony into your life and keeping the balance intact. ( Navagraha Chalisa नवग्रह चालीसा)

Navghraha Chalisa : श्री नवग्रह चालीसा

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Mangalvar Vrat Hanuman

Mangalvar Vrat Katha : मंगलवार व्रत कथा

Mangalvar Vrat Katha Hindi

Tuesday fasting, or Mangalvar Vrat, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and to Mangal Grah. In Hinduism, every fast has one or more story associated with it and those people observing the Vrat read or listen to the story on the fasting day. There are several stories associated with Tuesday fasting. This particular Mangalvar Vrat Katha is associated with Lord Hanuman. Mangalvar (Tuesday) Vrat Katha (Story) मंगलवार व्रत कथा

Mangalvar Vrat Katha : मंगलवार व्रत कथा

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