Rahul Gandhi Acheivements

Rahul Gandhi’s Achievements – A Zero Guide

A Comprehensive achievements guide on Rahul Gandhi – The Next Prime Minister of India

It is a matter of great shock if you are searching anything like Rahul Gandhi achievement. If you are really  looking for some fun, then yes this is for you but with some seriousness. If you too feel frustrated when someone talks about Rahul gandhi’s achievement or his possibility to become PM

Rahul Gandhi is general secretary of congress party, largest and oldest, yet most corrupt party in India. He is a role model for India paid media. Media often refers him as “India ka Yuvraj” rather that “Congress ka yuvraj”.
He is also a Prime minister candidate(atleast for Indian media and congress party). He adds exactly “Nothing” to his credit except that royal “Gandhi” surname which is deemed royal because of father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. So, just forget anything about Rahul Gandhi achievements.








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