Pushkar Fair

The Pushkar Fair : The Camel festival

The Pushkar city which is situated in the western part of Rajasthan, near Ajmer. The holy city which is called for the being home to the only temple of Brahma and Savitri and the Pushkar lake.


In Pushkar their was a annual fair which is celebrated with huge enthusiasm. The festival is an obeisance to Lord Brahma, which is creator of this world. Situated in the Pushkar it is the one temple of Brahma in the world. There was a Occasion of Karthik Purnima, which is believed by the lord Brahma, Vishnu and others come down to Pushkar to bath in the lake on this auspicious Occasion. The celebration which becomes to lord Brahma, the creator of the earth. People are coming far places to take part in the festival celebrations.

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Camel Race
You might have heard or seen motorcycle races or horse races! But Camel race? Yes you read it right. This fair is also popular for hosting the largest camel race in India.



Beauty contest
Believe it or not, there is a beauty contest especially for the camels too. The camels are decorated with innumerable decorative glittering ornaments and made to take part in a beauty contest where the best decorated camel wins the show.


Out of the box competitions
What is special about this fair is that every single event is special in itself. Be it the longest moustache competition, the Matka phod event or the Bridal competition you will run short of words while witnessing these live in action.Pushkar Festival-Tours
Camels, camels and camels…
Right from the small saddles to nicely decorated ornaments almost every stall is filled with stuffs centered on camels. This event is the time of the year when local people and villagers from far and wide come with various stuffs to sell during the fair. The fair thus creates a great employment opportunity for the people.

Other Attractions

Temples and Ghats: The temples and Ghats are decorated to worship the lords. A series of worship processes takes place during the festival. People visit the temple and take bath in the Pushkar lake. The temple of Pushkar comes to a new life during the celebrations.


How to Visit Pushkar

By Air: there is Jaipur Airport (145 Km) it is the adjoining airpot to Pushkar.

Rail: Ajmeer Railway station, 11km from pushkar, it extremely fine to the chief of India and has few through trains to these cities of Rajasthan and nearby states.

About 15 kms away from Ajmer lies the peaceful and beautiful small town of Pushkar which over the decades have made an impact in boosting the tourism of the state. Every year during the last week of November this small town of Rajasthan hosts thousands of enthusiastic travelers and tourists from world over on the occasion of the famous Pushkar Camel fair, which undoubtedly is the largest came fair in the world. The 5 days fair which ends at Kartik Purnima is full of interesting events which otherwise is difficult to witness anywhere else.