Onam Festival In India
 onam festival
Onam Festival Photo

Onam celebration is single and mainly significant of Kerala or south India. It has a brilliant and colourful occasion which is well-known regarding it high-quality produce. The onam festival which is India stretch on for ten days – days which is packed with feast, ship race, in performance. Rituals beside with novel clothes, established cuisine, skip, dance, and melody score this produce event.
Women decorating Rangoli with flowers, on the eve of Onam Festival

Legends Of Onam Festival
In the Legends, said that Kerala was ruled by the Demond king Mahabali. Mahabali was such a great ruler that his rule was called as the “golden rule of Mahabali”. His fame spread far and wide that the Gods feared that he might become too powerful. So they approached Lord Vishnu, to curb Mahabali’s power.

Lord Vishnu took the forms of Vaamana, and the dwarf and approached Mahabali. He had asked the good king for the three paces of land. King Mahabali was so kind that he looked at the small person and trying to know about something bigger. But Guru Sukracharya, realized that was not a ordinary Brahmin and said to the king to refuse the boons. But Mahabali refused any boons. But king Mahabali had refused and granted three paces of land to Vaamana.

onam pookalam
Boot races The Prompts of festivals of onam which is celebrated in India and which marked with Pampa at Aranmulla attracts huge crowds for the annual snake ship races. Each village along the river bank which is echo with the shouts of the cheering crowd. The boatmen was line a boats with rhythmic movements to the supplementary of beat and special ship songs.