On the festival land of India, Diwali festival which is the most significant, grand and auspicious occasion that is celebrated all over India and also in many countries of the world. Although Diwali festivali is one of the most significant, grand and auspicious occasion that is celebrated all over India enjoying very hearty. The another name of Diwali is Deepavali that means a line of lamps. The line of lamps on this day is associated with the significance of good over bad and light over darkness thus Diwali or we can say Deepavali which is also called as the festival of light.

Diwali Festival
How Diwali Festival is Celebrated :
The magnificent five days long jubilation of Diwali color which is marked by the multi-colored Rangoli designs, there is special pooja which is held with light lamps, floral decorations fireworks, exchange of sweets and gifts that lends grandeur to the occasion. Every home – lowly or mighty.

diwali lamp photo
Meaning of Diwali :
‘Diwali’ which is also known as Deepavali or festival which is celebrated with lights, Deepavali word is taken from the Sanskrit Word it has it’s own meaning of row of diyas or array of lamps. Thus placing the small diyas, candles & Lamps inside and around the home marks the festival of light.

Legends of diwali festival:
On the auspicious occasion of Diwali the lines of lamps are lit, gifts are exchanged, Jewellery is purchased, firecrackers are burst, all these facets of Diwali festivals are associated with mythological and historical legends. Read on to know more.

DIwali Shubh

Legend of Lord Rama, laxman & Sita:

The most popular legend of Diwali is associated with the Ramayana. After a long battle at last lord Rama had killed the demon Ravana and recovered his wife. Rama and her wife both of them happily return to Ayodhya and his subsequent coronation as the king which is celebrated at Diwali. On this dark Amavasya night, the people of Ayodhya light up the route with rows of the oil and lamps to be welcome their Prince. Therefore on this night event so that is why we are saying the name Deepavali or “line of lamps”.