Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj Hindu Festivals
 Bhai Dooj is the festival of Hindu religion which is across in India. Inside India we can see every festival which is occasion through individual or further admired article of icon like particular special season which produce in coldness. Gods-Goddesses and relations. Bhai Dooj event is such an incident to worship the adored connection between brother and sisters. This fair instance which is famous by brothers and sisters. This festival incident is celebrated by brother and sister with love and trouble for every other. The festival of brother & sister bonding comes double in a day which is recognized as Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Duj celebration.

The daytime of Bhai Dooj, sister pray for healthy being and long life of brothers by drama particular pooja ceremony & put vermilion (Tilak) on top of their brother’s forehead. Equal signal gesture brother confer donations and pledge to defend. Bhai Dooj which is called famous athwart state by diverse name are as follow : Bhaubeej or Bhau-Beej (in Maharashtra), Bhai Beei (in Gujarat), Bhai Photo (in West Bengal). This festival is coming in every year usually in the year of October-November.

About Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj which is refers two conditions clearly Bhai to facilitate resources the brother and Dooj which stand to old intended for the seconds daytime behind the original moon. Bhai Duj which is notable to every year frequently in the month of October-November, 2 existence behind Diwali celebration.

Institution and revels of Bhaiya Dooj

“Bhratus tabaa grajaataaham, Bhunksa bhaktamidam shuvam Preetaye yama raajasya, Yamunaah Visheshatah.”

It is says that “I am a sister, have this holy rice, intended the enjoyment of “Yam Raj” Yamuna”.’’

The positive event of Bhai Dooj which is readily expected that reinforces the link among brothers and sisters and kind connection. Happening the fair day each single get prepared extremely untimely to rejoice the event. Behind pray to deity, sisters are performing the aarti of brothers and place “tika’ and ‘chawal’ on their temple, pray for healthy creature and brother in return assurance toward take trouble of her, in some situation.

In Hindu cultures says. “A foreheads lacking a Tilak which is censure with survive for name’s sake only.” It detained to a person who accept the promising tilak on top of the forehead starting his sister happening days which would not at all be hurried interested in torture.

It is a famous two day behind the impressive revels of Diwali celebration. Festival of Bhai Dooj which is practical among Hindus during India with a huge attachment and identified with different names such since :’Bhav-Bij’ in Maharashtra, ‘Bhai Phota’ in west Bengal, ‘Bhai Beej’ in Gujarat. Bhathru Dwithiva, Bhai-Tika, Bhatri Ditya and Yamadwitheya are a few additional accepted name for Bhai Dooj.

Here are legends of Bhai Dooj celebration

Yamraj & Yami

Bhai Dooj which is famous since ‘Yama Dwiteeya’. It’s supposed to happening this daytime, Yamaraj, the noble of loss with the protector of torture, visit the sister Yam’s home, the constructive spot lying on his forehead while praying designed for his protection moreover consequently this celebration symbolize admiration, love and respect of sister towards their brother.

Lord Krishna & Narakasura

Under this day, Lord Krishna, behind killing the Narakasura evil spirit, which is his sister Subhadra who invite him during the brightness, plants and sweet, and putting the revered suspicious speck on her brother’s forehead?