I Think Raavan Must Be Feeling Sad, Not For We Every Year Burn Him Down In Front Of Millions, But For Not Seeing A Ram Doing It.
He Must Be Asking Only One Question To Us…Are You A Ram?? Or Do You Have Ram In You??

Its Just One Raavan Is Killing Other Raavan Because We Don’t Like Competition.

Instead of showing off by burning wooden structure, making noise pollution, & other stupid things…start respecting women, respect your country, don’t do corruption, help others.

Yes we can not be RAM…but surely we can have RAM in us

Sacred Symbols – Endearing Icons of Hindu Art & Culture


Endearing images embodying intuitions of the spirit that adorn Hindu art, architecture and iconography symbols adorn our world and mind at every turn — in our spiritual, social and political experience. A ring or gold pendant serves to silently attest to and strengthen wedded love. On a mountainous road in any country, a sign with a truck silhouette on a steeply angled line warns drivers of dropping grades ahead. The red cross signals aid and comfort in crises. Golden arches tell the vegan to beware. Among the best known symbols in the world are the simple numerals: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. They originated in ancient India as characters of the Brahmi script. Now and then, historic images or happenings are supercharged into symbols. The awesome mushroom cloud of the terrifying specter of nuclear destruction.

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