Hindu Muslim Unity

This is India : Religious Harmony

Religious harmony in India is a concept that indicates that there is love, affection in between different religions in India. The Indian constitution supports and encourages religious harmony. In India, every citizen has a right to choose and practice any religion.

Muslims offer prayers at Ganpati pandal

These Photos Also Serve As A Reminder That India Will Surpass China As The Planet’s Most Populous Country In Thirteen Years, When Both Countries Will Have Around A Billion And A Half People. It’s Worth Further Noting That India, The World’s Largest Democracy, Has The Second Largest Muslim Population Of Any Country, Having Surpassed Pakistan.

1. Muslim Women Offer Prayers For Meeraj-un-nabi At The Hazratbal Shrine In Srinagar, In The Indian Administered State Of Jjammu And Kashmir

2. Hindu Devotees Observing Kartik Brati

3. Men Celebrate Lathmar Holi At Nandgaon Village Near Mathura

4.Hindus Celebrate Rakher Upabas

5. Newly Initiated Naga Sadhus Of The Juna Akhara Attending The Dikasha Ritual On The Banks Of The Ganges During Kumbh Mela

6. Muslim Women Offer Prayers Outside The Grand Mosque In Srinagar For Ramadan

7. Hindu Devotees At A Temple During The Navratri Festival In Chandigarh

8. Hindu Devotees Collecting Rice Offerings During The Annakut Festival At The Radha Madhav Temple In Kolkata.

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