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Religious Harmony

Religion plays a very crucial and central role in everyone’s life. Religion guides us to the path of honesty, integrity, high morals and inspires us to live a righteous life. Many people around the world are driven by their religion to keep themselves away from bad deeds and do good things.

Hindu Muslim India

Today many religions like Buddhism , Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, zoroastrianism and many other religions, faiths and believes are being followed by millions of people around the world. At various point in time, many prophets, saints and religious leaders like Gautam Budhha , Jesus Christ, Shri Ram , Shri Krishna, Hazrat Mohhamad, Mahavir Swami, Abraham, Moses, Guru Nanak Dev, Zarathruth and many others have come on this world to teach us the true meaning of religion and guided us to live a noble life. Various holy books like Pitakas, Bible, Gita, Ramayana, Vedas, Upnisads, Quran, Kalpa Sutra, torah, GuruGranth Sahib, Avesta and many other religious texts inspire us to keep away from evil and live a path of good deeds.

  1. A true sprite of unity shown in Colaba, Mumbai as Hindus made space for their Muslim brothers in the Ganpati pandal so that they can offer their Namaz during the Eid.

Muslims offer prayers at Ganpati pandal

The picture of a Ganpati pandal which turned into a site for the Muslims to offer their Eid prayers is one of the best examples of celebrating true spirit of brotherhood and also Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan. The lovely story and picture of Seva Sangh Ganeshotsav Mandal in Colaba, Mumbai has gone viral on the social media because of the righteous work. In a beautiful scenario, Hindu and Muslims later joined in each other’s festivities. Muslims offered aarti in Ganesh Festival while the Hindus joined in Qawwali programme on the day of Bakri Eid

2. Look at how peaceful the Ganpati procession is, to let the Muslims conclude their Namaaz, and how the Muslims make way for the Ganpati procession:

hindu muslim unity india

This is not the first time Muslims and Hindus have shown respect to each other’s religion, festivals, and beliefs. Here are just a few other instances of Hindu-Muslim unity in India that will touch your heart:

3. Hindus offering Prasad (blessed food) to Muslims, Muslims offering flower garlands to Hindus


4. Muslim children very sweetly offering Ganpati Maha Aarti in presence of Mumbai city NSUI president Heena Vijay Kanojia at Byculla.

ganpati aarti

5. How heart melting it is to see a Hindu sister tying Rakhi to Muslim brother’s wrist.

Raksha Bandhan Festival Being Celebrated Across India

6. Kids are our best teachers of humanity. The picture says it all…

little kid

7. When the colours of Holi painted not just faces, but souls.


8. And when this little Krishna was taught the lesson of unity really early by his parents.

krishnaWe know these pictures touched your soul.While most of the people celebrate with the age old traditions, some of them decided to do something different this time.

A Muslim family offering prayers to Lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai.

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