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49 Amazing Facts About Hinduism That Most Hindus Probably Wouldn’t Know

Religions are classified according to their beliefs in God: Atheism – no God, Monotheism – One God, Polytheism – Many Gods. While most of the popular religions fall into one of the three categories mentioned above, Hinduism is the only religion which can be accurately, yet not fully described individually, by all these terms: Hinduism is Atheist at the same time as it is Polytheist at the same time as it is Monotheist, as well as henotheistic, i.e. belief in one major God with other subsidiary Gods “worshippable” too! Oh, and Hinduism can also be considered “monist” i.e. the belief that all the seemingly disparate elements in this universe can be reduced to one single unity. So there you have it: Hinduism is perhaps the only religion in the world to which all kinds of epithets such as above apply, and yet fall short of suitably encompassing its definition! That’s what aliving history of 4000 years does to a religion

1. Hinduism is the world’s oldest known religion, with it’s roots going back to 10,000 years and Hindu Literature dating back to 7000 BCE.

2. People following Hinduism around the world are apprx 1 Billion people which is 14% of the World’s Population.

3. There are Bigger Percentage of Hindus in Pakistan(1.8%) than in USA (0.7%).

4. Top 5 Countries with Hindu Population are

  1. Nepal 81.3%

  2. India 80.5%

  3. Mauritius 54%

  4. Fiji 33.7%

  5. Guyana 28%

Now go check where Guyana is, its in South America. Surprise right.?

5. Hinduism is the 3rd largest followed religion after Christianity and Islam .

6. Hinduism has spread across many countries over the years, especially in Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Combodia, Indonesia, Thailand and other South East Asian countries.

7. The largest Hindu temple in the world is surprisingly not in India but is in Angkor, Cambodia.

8. Ayurveda, the plant based medical treatment practice has its roots from Hinduism.

9. Nepal ( 81.3 %) , is almost a Hindu Country with a higher Hindu percentage population than in India( 80.5 %).

10.  Nepal was formed by a Hindu saint called Ne Muni.

11. In Hinduism men and woman are treated as equal halves. Women are also treated as Goddesses.

12. Turmeric and Tulsi ( Holy Basil )  which are extensively used across the world in Hindu Temples are proven to be the Best Anti Biotics and Anti Oxidants, making Hinduism very medicinally Pro from Centuries.

13. Hindu temples are not just architectural marvels, they are energy centers and hold great scientific significance which was proven. The usage of metals and construction patterns are proven to transmit positive energy.

14. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four goals of an ideal Hindu.

15. The word ‘Karma’ is derived from the hindu concept of ‘good and bad deeds’

what goes around comes around.

16. Hinduism has reformed itself multiple times to get rid of any practices like Sati Sahagamana to suit humanity.

17. Bodhidharman, a Hindu prince belonging to the Pallava dynasty renounced his kingly pleasures in search of inner spirituality and introduced martial arts to China.

18. Buddhism has its roots from Hinduism, it originated first in India and later spread across Asia.

19. Suvarnabhoomi airport in Thailand has a statue depicting the ‘samudra manthan’ which translates to ‘the churning of the ocean’, a very important episode in Hinduism.

20. Garuda Panchacila ( Garuda and the 5 Principles ) is the National Emblem of Indonesia, Garuda being the Holy Bird from Hinduism. Indonesian National Airlines is also named after Lord Garuda as “Garuda Airlines”.

21. US president Barack Obama always carries a statue of Hanuman the monkey god with him.

22. Steve Jobs had suggested Mark Zuckerbug to visit to visit Kainchi Dham, a temple in Uttarakhand to find his inner peace and spirituality.

23. The World’s richest religious structure  is in India, The Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala holds properties including most precious jewelry worth around  US$ 22.3 Billion.

24. There are 108,000 recognized temples in India.

25. The worlds tallest Subramanya Swamy statue is in Malaysia.

26. There is no known founder or governing body for Hinduism.

27.’Hinduism’ is not the real word for the religion.  The real name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma. This means “eternal dharma”, or eternal truth.

28. The word Hinduism is derived from the word ‘Sindhu River’.

29. ‘Kumbhamela’, a Hindu Festival which occurs once every 12 years is the largest gathering of humans in the world.

30. Hinduism also formed the basis for modern science with the advent of the decimal system, zero and point system.

31. Parents, Teachers, Environment, Animals and the whole Eco System are also considered as gods in Hinduism. Making it a religion with Eco Friendly and Eco Balance deep rooted.

32. Hinduism also considers Nava Grahas ( 9 Planets) as gods and places Sun God at the Center. These gods have mention in Hindu Literatures dating back to 1000s of years before any recent Astronomers could predict that we are part of a Solar System with Sun as its Center.

33. The institution of marriage was founded and put forth by Hinduism.

34. Theists and Athiests were known to coexist peacefully since time immemorial in Hinduism.

35. The Saree, a dress worn by women even in modern India, dates its origin to the Hindu Cultures from Indus Valley Civilization (2000 BC).

36. Hinduism has its huge influence and common concepts with Sikhism and Jainism which are later originated in India.

37. 108, is one of the most holy numbers in Hinduism. 108 is considered a holy number also in Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism while its roots originated from Hinduism.

Chinese martial arts mentions 108 pressure points in human body.

38. Rig Veda is the oldest known book in the world with its contents dating back to 7000 B.C.

39.  Kamasutra, an ancient Hindu Literature written by Vatsyayana in Sanskrit is the oldest sex educating book dating back to 200-400 CE. No competitors for this one.

40. Kamasutra Book is one of the highest selling books around the world.

41. All the books related to Hinduism are written in one common language, Sanskrit. This is one of the oldest known language in the world from which most of the Indian Languages are derived.

42. The Vedas and many other teachings of Hinduism were preserved for thousands of years without paper. They were Chanted, memorized and passed on to the next generations.

43. Yoga, Pranayama, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Vastu which now are widely famous in the west are all part of Hindu culture and lifestyle.

44. Vasthu Sastra, which translates to ” The Science of Architecture ”  is an ancient Hindu literature of architecture written between 6000 BCE and 3000 BCE with its influence clearly seen in Harappa and Mohenjo-daro civilizations.

Look at it Scientifically, The places where people spend their Day are designed in the East and their evenings are designed in the West, making a maximum sunlight exposure.  More sunlight is more health and less energy consumption making it eco friendly and this concept being designed more than 8000 years ago.

45. Singapore City is built based on the Hindu literature of Architecture called ” Vastu ” which is appreciated by the most modern day architects and is adopted in their designs around the world.

46. ‘Mahabharata’ one of the most revered books of India is 10 times larger than Iliad and Odyssey combined together.

47. Yoga, the World’s most practiced form of spiritual and physical fitness procedure, originated from Hinduism in the Indus- Saraswati civilization 5000 years ago.

48. Swami Vivekananda is famous for his speech on Universal Brotherhood at world religions conference. Swami ‘re introduced Hinduism to the western world. The Prime street in Chicago, USA is named after Swami Vivekananda in his honor and remembrance of his famous speech.

49. After his lab was burnt down in a fire accident and losing all his research material, Nikolas Tesla got depressed, learnt about Swami Vivekananda and Hinduism, Started reading about Hinduism and  invented “Cosmic Energy” after he Spent reading Hindu mythological books which talks about the Universe and the exchange of energies.

Amazing isn’t it.?!!   Next time when someone asks you about Hinduism, Tell them you know a lot about.! Amaze them with the Facts and the Scientific Connection of the Religion and its Practices.

Source: http://www.southreport.com/

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