Ganesh Chalisa

Ganesh Vashikaran Mantra : गणेश वशीकरण मंत्र


 This a very powerful Ganesh Vashikaran Sing spiritual to Ganesha.This is a Sing from the Rudrayamala Tantra. This tune has to be recited 1108 to score Siddhi. Vashikaran is thought to Control Thoughts of Other Person.

Ganesh Vashikaran Mantra : गणेश वशीकरण मंत्र

It is aimed in the Rudrayamala Tantra that this tune life-force attract anybody, all types of karyasiddhi[wish final result] life-force be within your develop, you life-force win in games of dream, you life-force win aristocratic the ruler, the land, win in war and lull. You life-force win aristocratic the minds of others. It is additional aimed that success life-force be attained if you call together a pure mind, wish no harm to others and call together the blessings of Ganesha

Ganesh Vashikaran Mantra : गणेश वशीकरण मंत्र

देव देव महाआरण्य माता वरुण पिता शांडिलगोत्रवाहनभू अग्ने स्वाहा l
ॐ विद्या क्लीं क्लीं कटुस्वाहा l
सर्वासां सिद्धिनां स्वाहा l
ॐ हं षं षं लोकाय स्वाहा l
रक्ततुंडाय स्वाहा l
ॐ नजगजीक्षस्वामी ॐ नजगजीक्षस्वामी l


Ganesh Vashikaran Mantra In English

Dev Dev Mahaaranaya Mata Varun Pita Shandilgotravahanbhu Agne Swaha l
Om Vidhya Kleem Kleem Katuswaha l
Sarvansa Siddhina Swaha l
Om Ham Sham Sham Lokaya Swaha l
Raktatundaya Swaha l
Om Najgajikshaswami Om Najgajikshaswami l

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