Lord Hanuman gets Identity Card (Aadhaar card) | Incredible India

Lord Hanuman has managed to get an Aadhaar card made, but there are no takers for it.

The unique identification card with registration number 2094705195411 bearing a picture of the popular Hindu god, addressed him as the son of ‘Pawan’ besides giving a mobile number and thumbprint.


In the 21st century he has now been given a 12-digit number and an identity card replete with an iris scan and thumbprint.

The card, issued in the name of “Hanumana Ji”, shows the deity wearing a crown and a string of pearls. It lists the cardholder’s age as 55 years and his father’s name as “Pawan Ji’ (the Wind). According to the Ramayana, Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the Wind God.

A postman in Dantaramgarh, Rajasthan, discovered the error when he went to deliver the card that was dispatched from Bangalore last week. But there were no authentic recipients for it, post office authorities said.

Hanuman Aadhar

The Postman and Post Staff were shocked after seeing the Aadhaar Card of Lord Hanuman Ji. And when the Postman Heera Lal and Staff Members of Post from Dantaramgarh tried to call up the mobile number his number was coming as switched off, but anyhow that Postman tried to find out the Address and reached the person called Vicky Kumar but that person didn’t accept the Aadhaar Card Letter giving reason that he had applied for Aadhaar Card three to four times but every time his fingerprints were not getting processed so that’s the reason he applied for Aadhar Card in the name of Lord Hanuman and gave his Address and mobile number.

It was very surprising to see Lord Hanuman Ji had got issued 12 digit UIDAI Aadhaar Number 2094705195411 with his own picture enclosing Son of Pawan, but all the secret got revealed by the Aadhaar Card Operator Vicky Kumar that he was the one who enrolled Lord Hanuman Ji for Aadhaar Card.


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