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16108 Wives of Krishna : Only God can Manage

Lord Krishna had 16108 wives. At that time polygamy was practiced and he had to marry many times for various reasons. Krishna had mainly eight wives , he was called Ashtabharya (ashta=eight, bharya=wife) because of that.

Different  scriptures list their names differently. According to Bhagavata purana names of the eight wives in order were Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana.


Story of 16,100 wives

Krishna had a battle with Narakasura, who was king of Pragjyotispur. Krishna killed him with help of Satyabhama. After killing Narakasura, krishna released 16,100 women held in captivity of  Narakasura . They did not want to return to their house, as nobody would accept them . So they were left with no place to go. They all wanted to marry Krishna.So Krishna fulfilled their wishes,married and gave them respectability in society.


1. Rukmini

She was the daughter of Vidharba King Bhishmaka, who didn’t wanted to marry his daughter with Krishna. Lord Krishna stole Rukmini on her wedding day with Chedi Prince Shisupal, against all opposition.


2. Satyabhama

She was the incarnation of mother earth Bhoomi Devi. Her  father Satrajit offered her marriage to Krishna when Krishna returned Samantaka Jewel to him. She joined Krishna in fight with Narkasur and killed the demon.

3. Kalindi

She was the daughter of the Sun god Surya and his wife Sanjana, and sister of Yama. Krishna and Arjuna saw her on Yamuna banks while hunting. She was  obsessed with marrying Vishnu and could not love another person. Krishna saw her devotion and offered her marriage which she agreed. After few days, Krishna and Kalindi married each other at Dwarika.

4. Jambavati

Krishna defeated,the  bear-king Jambavan after a fight which lasted 28 days, Jambavan recognised Krishna as incarnation of Lord Vishnu got his daughter Jambavanti married to Krishna.

5. Mitravrinda

She was daughter of Jaysena King of Avanti and Rajadjidevi (sister of Kunti). Her swayamvara ceremony was held in which many princes including Duryodhan were present. Krishna was not invited. Mitravinda intended to marry Krishna and complying with her wishes, Krishna abducted her from the venue of the svayamavara. Her brothers unaccepting it fought Krishna along with Kauravas but were defeated.

6. Nagnajiti

She was Princess of Kosala and was daughter of Nagnajit. The king Nagnajit had taken a vow of to marry his daughter  to a person who tames his 7 bulls and puts noose on them successfully. Many Prince and warriors had tried but could’nt succeed.
Krishna went to Kosala, and expressed his intentions to marry Nagnajiti. He was asked to complete the same task.. Krishna assumes 7 forms and tames all of bulls at once, and married Nagnajiti.

7. Bhadra

Was Krishna’s cousin (Aunt’s sister), but inspite of a blood relation, she choose him as her husband in a Swayamvar.

8. Lakshana

Was the Princess of Madras and she was destined to marry Krishna. Both Arjuna and Duryodhana were invited to her Swayamvar but they purposely failed the test of shooting an arrow, out of respect for Krishna. And thus, Krishna performed the task and accepted Lakshana as his wife.

But Lord Krishna not marry Radha.


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