Hanuman flying

Veer Hanuman : The Indian Superhero

Hanuman in war

If you ask me, Hanuman is the real superhero, a saviour, a terminator, a superman. Hanuman, the son of wind was the master of magical powers. His enormous devotion to Rama, his valour in the battle of Lanka and his supernatural ability to bring ‘Sanjeevni’ to revive Lakshmana made him the most popular character in the Ramayana. He kills the Pataal King Ahiraavan, destroys the army of Rakshas (Demons), set Lanka on fire.

1. Super hero wanted to eat the sun:
Hanuman Sun Eater

Hanuman Sun Eater

2. Hanuman Burning Lanka:

hanuman burning lanka


3. Hanuman Sanjveeni Booti

Hanuman sanjeveeni

4. Hanuman OCEAn LEEP

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.03.35 AM

His impossible, fearless leap across the ocean and when we embody it with courage, devotion to living fully and undying love – See more at: http://www.yoganonymous.com/jai-hanuman-a-heroic-yoga-sequence-to-ignite-your-devotion#sthash.1dJKXivr.dpuf

5. Hanuman In Lanka Darbar


Hanuman vs Super Heros

Hanuman for SuperMan

Hanuman Hulk man

Some Epic work by various Artists

Hanuman flying


Hanuman in war


lord hanuman god hanumanji , ram bhakat hanuman sankat mochan maruti nandanshivans bajarang bali

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Hanuman



src: http://www.moleeartgallery.com/Gallery/Gallery.html ,

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