God Of God

Indian Gods that resemble with other religion gods

As we know there are many civilization in the world, and every civilization have there own religion and each religion have there have there gods.
here is the list of the gods who resemble with each other while they are from different religion.

1. Indra and thor:

They both are god of thunder and strom. Thor is god from greek mythology.

2. Kartikya and Ares:

They both are god of war. Ares is from greek mythology.

3.Agni and Hephaestus:

They both are god of fire.
Hephaestus is from greek mythology.

4. surya and apollo:

They both are sun.
apollo is from greek mythology.

5. Garuna and Falcon:

They both have wings they can fly .
Falcon is from egyptian mythology.

6. Narshimha and sekhmet:

They both have same lion face. both are powerful.
Sekhmet is from egyptian mythology.

7. Yamraj and thanatos:

Thanatos is from greek myth. They both are god of death.

8.shiva and preseus:

Preseus is from greek myth.They both are god of destruction.

9. Rati and Inana:

Inana is goddess from mesepotamia. rati and Inana both are goddess of love.

10. Jalandhra and Poseidon:

Poseidon is from greek myth. jalandhra and Poseidon are god of sea.

11. yama and Anubis:

Anubis is from egyptian myth. Anabis and Yama both are god of funerals.

12. Hera and Laxmi:

Hera and Laxmi are Goddesses of Home and Wealth and Prosperity. Hera is from greek myth

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